NSU ACM SC Recruitment Spring 2021

Dear Applicant,
Welcome to the official Summer Recruitment of NSU ACM Student Chapter, the first chartered ACM Student Chapter of Bangladesh. Your application will be processed in 2 steps, First, you are required to fill up the following form with all necessary information. Please be sure to properly enter details as your answers will determine whether you progress to the 2nd part of the recruitment process. Upon completion of the 1st part of the recruitment process, you will be called through text/email for the 2nd phase of recruitment where you will sit for an online interview.
The final results will be published on our official Facebook page. Accepted applicants will also be informed via E-mail.

Show us your skills & interests !

Fill up all the fields in this section. Be honest! You will be questioned during the interview. There's no shame if you have no idea regarding any of mentioned fields.