NSU ACM Student Chapter is going to launch the 12th season of Innovation Challenge.

All graduating ECE students who have completed their two semester-long projects in CSE/EEE/ETE499A and 499B are invited to this annual showcase. The participants will all have the invaluable chance to present their projects to the faculty experts serving as judges through their professional experience. Hence, each individual will have a tremendous opportunity to establish their identity in the specialized area through their initiatives. The opportunity to apply for prestigious internships, employment offers, or research possibilities may also be available to each participant.

The prize money will be awarded to the winners for enhancing the creation of their concepts and their entrance into the high-tech industry field. The Innovation Challenge is still the most amazing chance you'll ever have to showcase the innovations you took throughout your learning.

The Innovation Challenge is the strategic site to showcase your capabilities. So, register as soon as possible and engage yourself in the 12th season of Innovation Challenge. Boost your aspirations by showcasing all of your tireless expertise and capabilities.

***The registration form(Every team is required to register at least one member.)

Deadline: 15 December, 11: 59 PM

Fill out the form completely. Keep in mind that the Innovation Challenge is optional because all 499B students are required to register and participate in the Capstone Project.

Kindly use the template to write your project summary.


  1. More Industry visits

  2. New Attractive Awards

  3. More Networking chances

  4. Better Media Coverages



The 12th season of Innovation Challenge will contain two parts.:

1st Round(Online Judging): The following forms are required to be completed by all IC12 participants. It is necessary to consider the concept's productivity, stability, and originality to evaluate the projects appropriately. Keep in mind to follow the specified summary template. The best teams will be chosen from this.
Final Round(In-person Judging): During the Innovation Challenge, highly regarded academics, business leaders, and industry representatives will assess the project's demonstration of capability, relevance, and accessibility to the general public. The top projects will be chosen as winners after evaluation.

Prize Money

General Category

The Champion - 10K BDT

1st Runner Up - 7K BDT

2nd Runner Up - 5K BDT

Special Category

Most Innovative Idea - 7K BDT

Outstanding UI - 5K BDT

Best Poster - 3K BDT

Selected Projects

Student Attendance & Behavior Monitoring in Classroom through Facial Recognition by analyzing Live Video Data
Frequency response of a Power Grid Under Fault Conditions
IoT Based Battery Health Monitoring System By using ESP32
System for Rural People to Monitor Water Quality in Fisheries Using the Cloud and Several IoT Sensors.
Harvesting or Harnessing energy by Piezoelectric Material
Design and Implementation of Firefighting Drone
Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Based Cost-Effective Prosthetic Arm
Smart Hydroponics System
Camouflaged Object Detection Using Deep Learning
Few-Shot Learning - Learning from a few examples
A Remote and Cost-Optimized Voting System using Blockchain and Smart Contract
NSU Welfare - A digital solution of Cafeteria and health tracking system
DRISHTI - Helping the visually impaired see better
Automated Customer Complaint Processing for Consumer Electronics Based on Natural Language Processing and Federated Learning.
SHONGKHEPUN - Summarization Highlighting Only Necessary Graphics from videos using K-means in Hybrid with Euclidean distance and PCA Utilizing Neural networks
Smart POS System for Pharmacy
Sequence Learning using Structured State Spaces