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The First Student Chapter Of The Association For Computing Machineries In Bangladesh.

NSU ACM Student Chapter is one of the 680 chapters around the world and was the first student chapter of the Association for Computing Machineries in Bangladesh. It was officially chartered on 17th January 2017. NSU ACM SC serves the wide scope of ACM to advance computing as a science and profession.
One of the signature events of NSU ACM SC is Technovation, which contains versatile competitions for students such as Hackathon, Mobile, and App contest, Megabots Clash, Gaming contest, Robo F1, IT Business Idea Challenge, and so on. Technovation may be considered as a spectacular congregation of incredibly brilliant young minds.
There the signature Hackathon of NSU ACM SC, Hack-NSU, which is an excellent opportunity for students and tech enthusiasts alike. It is held at North South University premises, and the program attracts students from various universities all over the country. The event is a part of ACM-SC’s goal to promote and develop fresh minds’ ideas and thoughts and give those ideas a new dimension. It is a massive platform for those who are passionate and searching for an opportunity to showcase their ability to generate new ideas and a new vision. And they also get to take the first steps towards making their ideas and a brighter future for all of us a reality.
Another well-known event of ACM is the NSU ACM SC Innovation Challenge, where students in their final year get the opportunity to showcase the project they had built over 8 months using their ideas and skills. In alignment with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of North South University, it aims to assist members of the university community in excelling in computer engineering and computer science. The organization also puts in strenuous efforts in supporting the cause of North South University to produce world-class graduates.









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Our proudest achievement includes two published annual magazines “Abacus” and “Abacus 2.0” along with a brochure “Eminence”.

Mentorship Program

NSU ACM SC is proud to announce its new program that is aimed at helping out students clear their concepts on a wide range of topics.


In this mini-hackathon, participants’ programming and aptitude skills were put to test when they had to find the most efficient solution.

Intra ACM contests

NSU ACM SC recently organized 3 back to back Intra ACM contests. The Writing Contest was held with the aim of expressing creativity.


Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Sponsor, NSU ACM SC

I have known the NSU ACM Student Chapter since its inception. Here, I find a group of highly motivated and enthusiastic people devoted to exploring networking opportunities, mentoring and creating bonding over common interests across the computing spectrum.

Executive Body

Abdullah Al Hasan Labib


Mashruf Ehsan

Vice Chair

Abdullah Al Sayed


Shafayet Rajit


Nazmoon Nahar Punom



Frequently Asked Questions

  • We recruit members every four months (each semester). Our forms are available through our website where each member must fill out the requirements within the deadline, and qualify for the interview as well as the second phase (where members are given tasks to complete according to their respective team).

  • All set to join us but confused about what to do and where to go? Joining NSU ACM SC isn't just choosing one single pathway. We operate under the careful collaboration of 4 separate teams: Publications, Promotions, Corporate and Provision—each of us handling different aspects with diverse and skilled members who are the best at what they do.

  • Unlike our regular teams (Publications, Corporate, Provision, Promotions), the floating teams (Web, Cultural, Design & Decor, Research & Development and Admin) are open to all NSU ACM-SC members and are somewhat exceptional. These teams perform diverse tasks for our community, and working in these teams will give you some fabulous and extraordinary experiences. Through these teams, you will be able to develop your imagination, creativity, and leadership abilities. The details of the teams are on the following questions.

  • Do you have a really cool project idea and need some guidance? Are you facing difficulties in understanding any topic of your course? Do you want to sharpen your skills in some particular topics? Well, worry no more because the largest floating team of NSU ACM Student Chapter, Research & Development (R&D), is here to save the day. This team’s sole purpose is to help the members of this community in their pursuit of knowledge. To fulfill that, R&D not only arranges regular meetings, discussion sessions, and workshops about various interesting topics but also organizes engaging competitions like the “Intra R&D Programming Contest.” Recently, Team R&D has taken the initiative to start the “Academic Mentorship Program.” In this program, the Mentors selected by a rigorous interview process will help the community members in their studies. Pretty neat, right? So, what are you waiting for? Join NSU ACM SC and be a part of Team R&D

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