Aside from the four primary teams, we have five Floating Teams where members from any team can join. The Floating Teams also have a similar structure to the leading teams (PM → GM → SM → In Charge --> Coordinator/Sub Executive). Alongside the fact that, even though a member can become an In Charge of a Floating Team by demonstrating their skills for the position, the Coordinator position of Floating Teams can be held only by a Sub Executive of one of the main four teams, in order to make sure that a member understands that they have to participate in their works for their main team. While it is not “mandatory” for a member to join a floating team, we prefer that they join AT LEAST one of the five Floating Teams.

Admin Team

This team manages all the permissions and paperwork for NSU ACM SC! The Admin Team carries out diverse tasks for the community and, while working in these teams, one can enhance his knowledge, experience, creativity, and leadership qualities. Among all the floating teams of NSU ACM-SC, the "Admin Team" is noteworthy. All types of administrative work are done by this floating team, from events such as the banner hanging to paper works and booking venues for the event. This team also helps in getting a better grip of corporate life, as it is directly related to North South University's administration. This team will help one to develop communicative skills, as well as event management experience.

Design & Decor Team

They are the creative minds who manage all the arts and crafts for NSU ACM SC! Design and Decor Team (D&D) is one of the floating teams of NSU ACM SC. As the name implies, they stand for innovation and enhancement. This incredible team mainly works on drawing, crafting, and decorating. They design posters, placards, coloring, drawing arts, and different kinds of origami during our events. By joining this team, anybody can improve his/her drawing & painting skills or show off their creativity by contributing. This team right here helps us to express our imaginations through their works. In this way, one can get benefits from this team as well. For those good at drawing & painting and fond of these activities, the D&D team is the best platform for them to fulfill their desired dream.

Reasearch & Develpoment Team

This team’s sole purpose is to help the members of this community in their pursuit of knowledge. To fulfill that, R&D not only arranges regular meetings, discussion sessions, and workshops about various interesting topics but also organizes engaging competitions like the “Intra R&D Programming Contest.” Recently, Team R&D has taken the initiative to start the “Academic Mentorship Program.” In this program, the Mentors selected by a rigorous interview process will help the community members in their studies.

Cultural Team

Culture defines color, cultivation, and growth. It emphasizes language, religion, cuisine, music, and arts. So dear folks, it's a magical opportunity to enhance your skill in such art, creativity and bring it out to the table. NSU ACM-SC came up with their freshly introduced floating team, "Cultural Team". As the name suggests, the team members will be warring the cultural segments and organize the regular cultural nights for NSU ACM-SC. Members here are cooperative and responsive to any call here. They can share their creative ideas and make them visualize. Participate in every cultural program and the proper contribution to this floating team as it is one of ACM SC attractions.

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