Former Faculty Sponsor

2016 - 2017

Dr. Shazzad Hossain (SZZ)

Founding Faculty Sponsor

Dr. Shazzad Hossain, the founding faculty of NSU ACM SC, is the person who endorsed us back in 2016 when we were still a small bud among the vast bed of flowers. Through his initiative, NSU ACM SC officially became the first chartered chapter of the international community of ACM Student Chapters on 17th January 2017. From then onwards, we never had to look back. Even when times were challenging as we were still in our early stages, Dr Shazzad Hossain’s warm attitude and supportive guidance towards all of the members helped us reach great heights. NSU ACM SC will always remember his support and encouragement from hosting inter-university programming contests to programming language workshops, we will always be grateful for his dedication towards NSU ACM SC’s success.

2017 - 2018

Mr Zunayeed Bin Zahir (ZbZ)

Mr. Zunayeed Bin Zahir took the role of faculty sponsor from 2017 till 2018. In this one single year, he strived to make NSU ACM a hub of learning and collaboration by increasing the number of seminars, workshops, and several contests, both inter and intra-NSU, all of which provided vast opportunities for future NSU engineers. Furthermore, Mr. Zunayeed Bin Zahir also aimed to increase the collaboration between NSU ACM Student Chapter and the other ACM Student Chapters worldwide, which increased networks and hence even greater opportunities for NSU students. Under his supervision, NSU ACM SC hosted a variety of workshops and major competitions. Some of which are: Innovation Challenge, Technovation, etc. He hoped to someday see his students recognized both nationally and internationally through the platform of the NSU ACM Student Chapter. He has been a caring and inspiring mentor who believed in his students and never fell short when it came to inspiring young minds.

2018 - 2021

Mr. Syed Athar Bin Amir (saa3)

Mr. Syed Athar Bin Amir has been our faculty sponsor from December 2018 till June 2021, and his was the longest tenure till now. In these two and a half years, his encouragement and supervision took NSU ACM SC and its members to greater heights and unlocked the potential of fresh minds. His welcoming and innovative approach allowed NSU ACM SC to host numerous contests, events, and workshops that were even bigger, better, and focused on the future. Some of the notable workshops are Drone making workshops, Robo101, Robo102, Android App Development workshop, Research Paper writing sessions, Branding and Identity Design, Seminar on Cloud Computing & Security, etc. Under his guidance, NSU ACM SC hosted HackNSU, which is now one of the significant events of NSU ACM SC where skills and passion from various fields are celebrated through competitions. In fact, we managed to host the 2nd season of HackNSU, which was of an even grander scale. And hence, it allowed NSU ACM SC to establish itself as a leading hub of engineering and computer science. Under Mr. Syed Athar Bin Amir we also successfully organized Technovation 2.0, our biggest event ever, held before the COVID-19 lockdowns. A 4-day long tech-fest that comprised various segments related to computers such as robotics, gaming, mobile apps creation, and many more. Without his incredible driving force, it would have been almost impossible for us to take on so many enormous challenges and execute them with perfection. His friendly and encouraging aura has always boosted our morale and encouraged us to become better. Hence, pushing NSU ACM SC to become better. Even at times when any one of us doubted ourselves, he believed in us and took us up by the hands. We are forever grateful for his trust in us, and in NSU ACM SC.

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